Ability to supply distorted loads, which contains distortion of output voltage with peak factors

Intelligent self-diagnosis function, all kinds of fault protection, large storage capacity of history records

IGBT technology with high-frequency communication

Standard RS232 / RS485 / dry contacts communications port

WEA890 160KVA ~ 600KVA

WEA890 series UPS 160 ~ 600KVA use double talk technology with a very advanced design criteria improves the performance of components, minimizes the amount of raw material used in the magnetic and reduces the number of semiconductors, thus reducing maintenance time and The costs of ownership. This UPS has a high efficiency (> 93%) and the input power factor (> 0.99) built-in isolation transformer. The inverter transformer prevents the direct-flow nozzle from the battery potential in the critical load and allows a very high ratio of rejection of power supply disturbances (surges, surges etc.).