WEA900II RT 1 3 KVA 120VA

Standard RS232 communication port and RJ45 protection

Output voltage selectable via LCD

High frequency and true double conversion

Protection against short circuits and overloads

WEA900RT 1KVA ~ 10 KVA (120V)

WEA900RT 1 ~ 10KVA (120V) Online UPS is the high density version of Dual Conversion UPS Online for your application to 120V / 127V AC voltage. It is equipped with input power factor correction (PFC) The power of 100V / 110V / 115V / output factor of 0.9 which offers high levels of reliability and protection of computer systems, telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems. The UPS is rack and tower convertible, and occupies only 2-3U in height.