The perfect password control technology, such as: the first power on password control, user password control and password maintenance control

Battery Share in parallel operation or separate battery pack for different UPS

Complete hardware and software protection function, robust self-diagnosis function and abundant event logging for verification

Optional parallel N + X redundancy up to 6 units

WEA990 10KVA ~ 60KVA

WEA990 10 ~ 60KVA (208V) 3-phase 3-phase in-line UPS is the high-density three-phase UPS dual-conversion version online for the Latin American application with the 190/200 / 208 votage line / 220Vac, was designed in small footprints with DSP technology and input power factor correction (PFC), power factor 1.0 production, etc., which provides high levels of reliability and protection of computer systems, Telecommunications and mission critical systems, ensuring maximum power reliability. Its modular subsystem design makes it easy to maintain in place, and a high overall efficiency guarantees low power consumption, and parallel N + X redundancy can be up to 6 units.